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Complete solution

Everything that you need to start selling online - in one place

TAU is an e-commerce platform that provides you with all the necessary features to sell online. Controlling everything from one place has never been easier. With more than 10 years of experience, we've learned what good solutions should look like. Our system provides you with all the features that you need and use! Forget about the expensive extensions, everything is integrated right into our system directly. And with that, we achieve maximum performance.

Business ready

Your first goal is your business, right? We’ve got your back! We can handle the rest! Our solution is business-oriented and allows you to focus on your business growth without any additional overhead!

Easy shop management

Managing your shop can be a difficult and daunting task. By using TAU you can easily manage your shop and tailor it to your needs.

Payment and shipping integration

With our system, you get out-of-the-box solutions for integrating major payment providers. If your desired payment is not currently integrated we will integrate it for free.

Stunning Themes

We provide you with 12 themes to help you get started easily. Each theme is perfectly optimized for the best performance. Each theme has multiple color options to accommodate your business look and feel.

Included in all packages

Choose your shop look and feel

Choose the look and feel of your store from the 12 currently available themes and 40 variations. The number of themes will increase regularly and they are all free within our packages. And if that doesn't float your boat - we are here to provide you with a custom theme for your shop only!
High performance

What makes us different

No transaction fee
With our fixed pricing rate system, you can easily scale your shop without worrying about hidden fees listed in small text, and be ahead of the game at all times. Automatic payment is something we avoid using. We want our customers to be worry-free; which is why we will send you an invoice at the end of each month.
Lightning-fast performance
Our developers come from the Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce platforms. With their knowledge and experience from all these platforms, we have taken the best from all and forged it into one system with one goal in mind: a performance that you can be proud of.
Mobile Optimization
This may sound like a standard feature. And it should be. But have you tried validating your shop for mobile devices? Purchases from mobile devices have skyrocketed and we are here to help you follow that trend.
Custom Themes
Can’t find a theme that suits your needs? It is not an issue; TAU can implement your design as soon as the HTML template is complete. This means that changing your e-commerce look to a completely new one takes less than 24h!
Out of the box optimization
Can't believe how fast it is, and that it has a Google Page Insight score of 100%? Feel free to take a look at our demo store.
Support that cares
Standard support includes one monthly meeting, where we can touch base and make sure that everything is working according to your plan. Premium support includes 24/7 support where an operator will be always available to you in case of an emergency.
Let your customers find your more easy

SEO ready

Customize each product, category, brand, page SEO data easily. It is all in there! Our system provides you with all the options that you may need to sustain a successful business. Setting up different images and texts for different social media platforms is integrated directly into our
system which not only helps your site look the way you want on social media platforms but perform as fast as possible as well.

Transparent and with no hidden fees

Packages for every shop size

Starter Package

Best for shops that re just getting started

$ 49 / mo
  • 150 orders per month
  • 2 administrators
  • Acceptance of payment cards
  • domain of your choice
  • Standard themes
  • Basic support

Advanced Package

Best for fast growing shops

$ 89 / mo
  • 600 orders per month
  • 5 administrators
  • Acceptance of payment cards
  • domain of your choice
  • Standard themes
  • Pro support

Ultimate Package

Best for enterprise shops

$ 299 / mo
  • 3000 orders per month
  • 10 administrators
  • Acceptance of payment cards
  • domain of your choice
  • Pro themes
  • Premium support
Custom solutions for big stores

Everything for everyone

If the offer of our standard packages does not meet your requirements – don’t worry, you can also use of all the advantages of ultra-fast TAU Commerce software for your store as well.

If you have special requirements, we can add certain functions according to your requirements and needs.
Do you want a special look for your store? Integration with your ERP system? Modified checkout page? Not a problem! Contact us to arrange a meeting and get to know your needs.

Custom features are what makes you different in today's e-commerce, why not use it to its full potential

Features for your shop only

TAU Commerce has couple of core specific features that you usually get by installing a plugin or module. We believe that these features should be included in every shop. If you have additional requirements, we can develop features just for your shop. An example would be an integration with existing customer loyalty programs or possible gift wrapping options on checkout. You can choose one of the many features and pay for only those that you want to use. This allows you to control your expenses and business growth.

Dynamic shipping price

Through years of e-commerce development we have found out that many sellers need dynamic shipping prices and most platforms utilize that by using 3rd party plugins or extensions. Shouldn’t that be a core feature? That is what we thought as well! We have developed our system with this in mind, now you can calculate each method price based on shipping country and shipment weight. Isn’t that convenient?

Grouped products

Have you ever wanted to sell a “bundle” of products and show it as a “deal” product? We have come up with a way to do it out of the box! We have called it “Grouped products”. By using this product type you can easily bundle t-shirts and jeans as one product under one price, description, and most importantly - under one link that will help you market it more easily on social media platforms!

Easy abandoned cart recovery

You can now easily try and recover abandoned carts with one simple click! Carts that have an e-mail address bound to them can be recovered after one day of inactivity. This is not an “extra” but instead a “core” feature that every system should implement. Forget about extensions and modules and custom features - we’ve got you covered.